Every step you take

Welcome to the Foot and Ankle Surgery Center Cologne. We specialise in feet, because it is our feet that carry us through life. That is why it is so important that they stay healthy, so that we can rely on them for as long as we live.


Team players who pool their expertise

Dr. med. Diego Reátegui Villegas and Juan Carlos Benavente Valdivia have been working together since 2019. These two experts are pooling their expertise and many years of experience at the certified orthopedic and trauma surgeon centre in Cologne-Zollstock. The centre offers conservative treatment of foot ailments, special foot surgery for ailments like bunions, and other corrective procedures for feet.


Minimally invasive surgery (MIS)

Are you no longer able to walk without pain? Are your feet becoming more sensitive as you age? Are your feet changing? Have you been diagnosed with foot misalignment? Have you been suffering your symptoms since birth, since an accident, since a sports injury, since you’ve grown older, due to an improper gait, an incorrect foot position, or have your symptoms appeared slowly over time? Modern medicine offers numerous possibilities for treating your feet so that you can once again walk without pain.

Bunion treatment
Bunionette treatment
Hammer toe treatment
Achilles tendon disorders (Haglund’s heel)
Morton’s neuroma