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Hammer toes and clawtoes

This is a malposition of one or more toes with increasing hyperextension in the basal joint and overbending in the middle and end joint of the affected toes. Flexing and stretching tendons shorten and the toes become increasingly immobile and stiff over time.
Increasing pressure on the toe bones under the skin and pressure and friction in the shoe results in the formation of painful horny calluses and occasionally inflamed bursa over the affected joints.
Hammertoes are often associated with bunions (Hallux valgus).
Conservative treatment options consist of sufficiently wide and soft footwear and the use of commercially available toe pads.
Insoles are ineffective as they do not straighten the toes. In fact, they are rather unfavorable due to the space-consuming effect inside the shoe. During surgical treatment, the position of the respective toe is corrected.
In almost all cases, we can accomplish this in a minimally invasive procedure without the introduction of fixing implants (wires, screws, plates, etc.).
In some cases, surgical stiffening of the middle or end joint of the affected toe is necessary. In this case, the position is stabilized for about 6 weeks by a metal pin in the toe, which is subsequently removed without pain.
The modern keyhole technique preferred by us as well as the traditional methods of toe joint stiffening can be used to correct several toes of one foot in one operation.
After a short healing period, normal walking, sports and wearing any shoes is possible again.