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plantar pressure measurement - pedography

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plantar pressure measurement - pedography

Pedography, also known as plantar dynamic pressure distribution measurement, helps in clinical routine to gain important information for the diagnosis of the foot function that could not be obtained otherwise.

The emed platform system allows for a first assessment of functional deficiencies of the foot and other components in motor activity, for example the knee and hip.

The system allows for a more accurate definition of the treatment strategy in combination with other clinical and diagnostic examination methods.

In case of surgical intervention, the results achieved through the pedography help in surgical planning.

Treatment results can be quantified and documented through the comparison with the  unaffected side before and after intervention.

Functional limitation still present after intervention can be assessed clinically, and this type of analysis make it an indispensable tool for observations related to occupational disability, which is quantifiable and reproducible.

Pedography is applied also in the planning of further necessary therapeutical interventions for complete healing, or in conservative continuous treatment.

For example, minimum or maximum loading predetermined within the rehabilitation treatment can be quantified using inshoe pedography.

Pedographie Plattformen

Pedography platforms are accurate electronic systems for recording and evaluating pressure distribution  under the foot in static and dynamic conditions.

The systems measure accurately foot pressure and  body weight in static and dynamic mode and start recording automatically when the subject's foot contacts the platform.

The emed® recorder software measures dynamic pressure Distribution.

The software controls the emed platform and collects and displays the plantar pressure data.

The platforms operate with calibrated capacitive sensors and are certified medical products.