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Motion lab - gait analysis

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... it is better to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis, than to operate prematurely!

Gait Analysis

The gait analysis lab, DIERS 4D motion®Lab, Measures synchronously the motion of the feet, function of the legs and pelvis, and movement of the spine.

Do you suffer from pain or discomfort in your feet, legs, pelvis or back?
Often, the cause of this complaint can be found remotely from the location of discomfort. Measuring the movement pattern of the complete body helps to find the source of the complaint.

Would you like to prevent complaints?
We highlight possible problems at feet, knee, hip or spine in an early stage and can take appropriate actions to prevent long-lasting problems.

Would you like to follow the development growth of your child?
During development, problems in foot position and/or in general posture can appear. When such issues are discovered in an early stage, they can often be corrected relatively easy.

Are you using prosthetics, orthotics or shoe insoles for your daily activities?Is your ability to function limited due to neurological problems?
We can measure whether or not you currently have the optimal solution, or whether better solutions might be possible.

Are you currently in rehabilitation?
We can follow up the healing process after an injury or operation, to get you in your best possible shape for daily living.

Like to enhance your performance?
The system allows you to choose the optimal sports shoe, perhaps with orthotics, based on your movement pattern. This will potentially help prevent injuries and improve performance.

We would like to help you.

Gait Analysis

Our Walking Pattern - a complex mechanism

Of prime importance is the ability to move without pain or limitations. We are often not aware that during locomotion, a variety of muscles, joints and nerves have to work together. Even a small problem in this complex combined action can lead to serious constraints in movement capability. The cause is often not located where one can sense pain; problems in the back or at the knee can easily be caused by issues with the movement across the foot. That is why it is important to measure the full body, and the DIERS 4D motion®Lab is the system to provide this comprehensive information.

DIERS 4D motion - Dynamic Spine Analysis

DIERS 4D motion

The Spine - The Supporting Pillar

The innovative measurement system4D motion is the first device that provides the ability to analyze the spine and posture in motion, and to simultaneously measure abnormalities in the gait pattern. Only when such abnormalities are measured and defined, can they be treated accordingly. The measurement technology is based on the use of projected lines of light, which are detected with a camera.X-rays are not in this process. Based on the curvature of the projected lines, we create a 3D image of the surface. Based on this 3D image of the surface of the back, we can detect specific anatomical landmarks and create an individual 3D model of the spine based on the measurement. As such, we get an objective analysis of the position of the spine, rotation at the vertebral level, position of the pelvis and possible asymmetry in muscles.

The legs –our driving unit

DIERS leg axis - Video-Gait Analysis

During our life, our legs need to carry our weight. The joints of hip, knee and foot are loaded significantly during locomotion. When this loading is not well balanced, it can lead to discomfort, injury or pain, and it might cause restriction in movement capabilities of separate joints. Using video gait analysis, small deviations in position or movement between both legs can be measured. We use reflective markers, so the software can calculate angles in ankle, knee and hip joints. As such, we get a view on the position of the pelvis, differences in leg length, Genua Valga or Genua Vara, excessive eversion of the foot… When measured and analysed, they also can be treated accordingly if appropriate.

DIERS pressure measurement treadmill - Dynamic Foot Analysis

Feet –Our Foundation

Our feet are our interface with the ground, and have an important influence throughout our full body. Often, problems with the knees, back or even headaches can find their source in a faulty position or motion of the foot. Foot pressure measurements are made using a pressure plate with a many pressure sensors measuring local forces under the foot. As such, this measurement gives a clear view on forces acting on the foot. This allows adaptation of footwear, design of orthotics, or fine tuning the training program. As such, this measurement technique is not only useful to look at the feet, but also important when one suffers from knee or back problems.