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Cologne Foot and Ankle Surgery Center| Morton’s Neuroma (Morton-Metatarsalgia)

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Morton’s Neuroma

Unpleasant irritations or even the development of a painful benign nerve thickening (neuroma) can occur between the 3rd and 4th toe, sometimes between the 2nd and 3rd toe.
Often the symptoms occur when walking and standing, sometimes also at rest.
Often the pain radiates into 2 adjacent toes.
The cause of the disease is globally unclear.
It is more commonly observed in people who put a lot of stress on their feet (standing work, foot-stressing sports).
Conservative treatment options exist, in addition to pragmatic measures such as soft-sole footwear and soft-cushion inserts, especially in a so-called focused extracorporeal shock wave therapy.
With this harmless and bloodless treatment (only pregnant women and people with hemophilia cannot be treated), the disease can be eliminated in over 90% of cases without surgery, injections, etc.
Injections usually do not eliminate the disease.
Even with external applications, such as baths, ointments, gymnastics, etc., the disease cannot be cured.
Surgical treatment involves exposing the nerve and removing the nerve node, or the node-bearing nerve section.
This is usually associated with a permanent loss of sensation in the coverage area of the affected sensitive toenail.