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Minimally invasive Foot Surgery

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Minimally invasive Foot Surgery

Minimally invasive surgical techniques have gained popularity in many areas of surgery during the last years.

As technology has advanced, the possibilities have broadened.

This surgical technique is intended to complement the open surgical options in the management of a variety of forefoot and hindfoot pathologies in what is an expanding and rapidly evolving area of orthopaedic surgery.
Only a few millimeter incision is needed to insert the special instruments to perform bony and soft tissue corrections.

Advantages are:

  • Comparable good results as in open surgery
  • Smaller wounds/ scars
  • Faster healing
  • Less swelling
  • Less pain
  • Faster recovery

The equipment was developed by leading global companies
The experts of Fußzentrum Köln are well trained.
You can watch some oft he most common procedures in the following videos.

Hallux rigidus > cheilectomy

Hallux valgus > Chevron/ Akin procedure

Metatarsalgia > DMMO (distal metatarsal metaphyseal osteotomy)