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Heel Pain

The causes of this pain are often erroneously attributed to so-called heel spurs. In fact, it is often due to irritation of the layers of tendons in the sole of the foot, caused by strain. Weakening of sinking of the arch of the foot can cause painful inflammation in the heel, where the layers of tendons are connected. The constant pulling of these tendons against the heel bone leads to a bony projection at the base of these tendons, which is then called a heel spur.

Approximately 90% of complaints can be treated successfully without surgery. For this, inserts, special stretching exercises and so-called shock-wave therapy are used, among others. Treatment with so-called magnetic resonance waves (MBST) also has a regenerative effect. Surgical treatment is only necessary in a few individual cases.

A particular shape variant of the heel bone can cause irritation and inflammation at the base of the Achilles’ tendon (achillobursitis). If the pain cannot be satisfactorily improved through non-surgical measures, then it is wise to remove the bony growth and the inflamed bursa. Sometimes the removal and reattachment of the Achilles’ tendon is necessary for this.