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Heel Pain

Heel pain can have a variety of causes and be based on different pathologies.
One of the most common indications is the so-called heel spur (calcaneal spur).
The pain is causally wrongly attributed to a so-called heel spur.
In reality, however, in the vast majority of cases it is an overload-induced irritation of the flat aponeurosis of the sole of the foot (plantar fascia).
Frequent triggers are foot-straining sports, especially jogging, but also predominantly standing occupations.
Weakness and sagging of the arch of the foot (sinking and flat foot) can also lead to painful inflammation at the edge of the aponeurosis on the heel bone.
Over 90% of complaints can be successfully treated non-surgically.
One of the most successful treatments is shock wave therapy.
Likewise, good results are achieved with the injection of endogenous blood plasma (ACP = Autologous Conditioned Plasma – prp = platelet rich plasma).
Soft inserts, eccentric stretching exercises and circulation stimulating treatments with a spiky massage ball/fascia roll are used as accompanying measures.
Due to a special shape variant of the heel bone with posterior hump formation (Haglund heel), irritation and bursitis may occur in the attachment area of the Achilles tendon.
If this pain cannot be ameliorated by non-surgical measures, removal of bony outgrowth on the heel and inflamed bursa makes sense.
Sometimes a partial detachment and re-attachment of the Achilles tendon is required.