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Foot deformaties in children

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Foot deformaties in children


For children up to the age of six, it is normal to be flatfooted. This is caused by the position of the child in the womb and the development of the feet and legs after birth. If the child is older than six, and has one foot that has a completely different position to the other, complains of pain or night cramps, or when another member of the family had problems related to flatfootedness, a podiatric specialist should be consulted.

Walking on tip-toe

Walking on tip-toe can be normal for children who are learning to walk. Children should however use their entire foot after six months of walking. If walking on tip-toe continues, a podiatric specialist should be consulted.

Bow Legs

At birth, all new borns have bow legs to some extent, due to their position in the womb. This is normally only temporary and the child will outgrow the bow legs by the age of two. If a child however continues to have bow legs at the age of three, then a podiatric specialist should be consulted.

Knock- Knees

Knock-knees are also a part of normal development during growth. They normally occur from the age of two and are most prominent at the age of four. They tend to disappear at the age of six or seven. If this phenomenon is accompanied by foot, ankle or knee pain, or by regular stumbling, or if the legs appear very different, then a podiatric specialist should be consulted.


The tendency to have curly toes can be inherited. A certain amount of curly-toe is completely normally. Even greater distortion of the toes often causes no discomfort whatsoever, and is of no medical significance. In the case of discomfort caused by pressure points or crossing of the toes, a specialist should be consulted.