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Foot an Ankle Surgery

Centre of Expertise

... it is better to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis, than to operate prematurely!

Podiatric Surgery

Our feet carry our entire body. That makes them particularly important, and extreme care is necessary when treating degenerative conditions and misalignments of the feet. Only recently has podiatric surgery and podiatric medicine been given sufficient attention. Foot complaints can now be treated successfully.

The whole Team are identified experts in the field of podiatric surgery and foot complaints. They work in this field not only with a high level of competence, but also with passion!

Common foot complaints include bunions, ankle complaints, hammer toe or so called heel spurs. Even in cases of non-specific foot pain, misalignments of the joints, long courses of treatment as well as complex situations following accidents or operations, we are happy to help you with words and deeds.